Latest eLitmus Syllabus 2018

eLitmus changes their Syllabus every 2 to 3 months, only PrepInsta updates our eLitmus Syllabus 2018 page every week. Glad you’re on PrepInsta, India’s No.1 website for placement preparation. About 99% of people preparing for eLitmus use PrepInsta. Below you will find the eLitmus Syllabus and eLitmus Paper Pattern 2018. As we said eLitmus Exam Pattern changes every few months, so for eLitmus PH Test we change our eLitmus Questions give on the website as well. Almost every 14 days Hiring Potential Test (pH Test) happens with test centers all across the country. On the page we have eLitmus Exam Syllabus for 2018 for the updated eLitmus Aptitude Syllabus –

Companies that recruit via eLitmus are –

  • McAfee
  • IBM
  • Collabera
  • Novell
  • CGI
  • Accenture
  • ITC Infotech
  • HCL Technologies
  • Mindtree
  • Genesys
  • Seagate
  • GeekyAnts

If you have any question about the ask in the comments section below, we will answer all your queries.

eLitmus Aptitude Syllabus 2018 and Online Test PAttern

Branches that can give eLitmus for Engineers are – CS/IT/ECE/EEE/EIE/Bio-tech(and other Bio Branches)/Mech(Other Mech Branches)

We have mentioned all the things related to eLitmus including eLitmus Syllabus 2018 and eLitmus Exam Pattern for 2018. We will suggest you to read all the information on this page carefully. PrepInsta has produced over 1000+ 99%ilers in eLitmus.

eLitmus Syllabus 2018 Logical Reasoning

Tip: Visit the below links later, first go through the whole page for Information

  • Logical Reasoning Type 1
  • Logical Reasoning Type 2
  • Cryptarithmetic
  • Data Interpretation (Bar charts)
  • Data Interpretation (Pie charts)
  • Data Sufficiency Algebra & Arithmetic
  • Data Sufficiency Geometry, Logic and Misc
  • Data Interpretation(Line Graphs) (Newly Introduced)
  1. Max Score – 100 Marks
  2. Number of Questions – 20 Questions
  3. Time for Sections – 25 mins

(Solve 5-7 questions for good percentile)

eLitmus Exam Pattern – Quantitative Aptitude

  • Number System
  • Geometry
  • Probability
  • Algebra
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Ratio and Proportions
  • Speed
  • Time and Distance
  • Time and Work
  • AP GP and HP( Newly Introduced in elitmus syllabus 2018)
  1. Max Score – 100 Marks
  2. Number of Questions – 20 Questions
  3. Time for Sections – 25 mins

(Solve 5-8 questions for good percentile)

eLitmus Syllabus for 2018 – Verbal English

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammatical Errors based Questions
  • Para Jumbles
  • Sentence Completion – Subject Verb(Newly Introduced in elitmus syllabus 2018)
  • Sentence Completion – Vocabulary
  • Sentence Completion – Tenses (Newly Introduced in elitmus syllabus 2018)
  1. Max Score – 100 Marks
  2. Number of Questions – 20 Questions
  3. Time for Sections – 25 mins

(Solve 11-15 questions for good percentile)

Now there used to be this Technical Question Note this section is not asked in eLitmus anymore.

eLitmus Aptitude Syllabus – TECHNICAL (OPTIONAL)

  • Languages(C, C++ code snippets)
  • Operating Systems
  • Database (Oracle, MySQL)
  • OOPS
  • Networking
  • DSA

Detailed Syllabus and Paper Pattern for eLitmus in 2018

eLitmus Syllabus for 2018QuestionsMarks for SectionPercentile RangeNegative Marking
Problem Solving and Reasoning20 Questions200 Marks35 – 90 marks = 75 – 95 percentileYes
Quantitative Aptitude20 Questions200 Marks50 – 80 marks = 75 – 95 percentileYes
Verbal20 Questions200 Marks95 – 160 marks = 65 – 90 percentile Yes
Total60 Questions600 Marks150 – 240 marks 75 – 90 percentileYes

Now read this very carefully for eLitmus Aptitude Syllabus. They used used to have this negative marking rule of 25% earlier and some website still show that it exists in 2018. But, the 25% rule isn’t there anymore. We contacted eLitmus directly and they said it will not be there in future.

New eLitmus Negative Marking Rule – Now there is – 10 negative marking for each question. Even if you do 1 question wrong you will get -10 for that. There is no negative marking for unattempted questions

Old eLitmus Negative Marking Rule(Some website still show this old Rule) – 

  • No negative marking if the total number of incorrect questions is less than or equal to 25% of the total number of eLitmus questions.
  • 5 marks will be deducted out of 10 marks for every wrong answer after 25% window.
  • No negative marks for unattempted eLitmus questions.

Sample Exam Experience by Student who gave eLitmus after the percentile graph is given

eLitmus Exam Pattern for 2018 Paper

eLitmus Paper Pattern 2018 for pH Exam<2040506070809095
Verbal English3038455195125145150
Quantitative Aptitude-1015222950758590
Problem Solving-180102235759070


  • To be honest, you must atleast score 80% in all the sections for off campus hiring and 75% in on Campus hiring to get called by companies for Interviews.
  • Even if you score 99% in two sections but score less than 75% in any one. Generally it is seen that one doesn’t get calls or gets very few.
  • Thus you must score more than 80% in all the sections.


Atleast two months. I will say since

  • The exam is very tough.
  • There is a lot of competition and it percentile based test

You can study from our eLitmus Dashboard. We have covered the entire syllabus section wise with test, previous eLitmus Questions, Questions for Practice, most repeated eLitmus Questions, Paper analysis, exam tips and analysis.

Online Exam Pattern Facts for eLitmus

eLitmus Written Test Syllabus FactsPattern
Type of ExamWritten – Pen Paper based
Time2 hours
CostRs 920
Negative MarkingYes
Validity of ScoreCard2 years
Type of TestNon – Adaptive

Basically, from a student’s perspective we have made the best eLitmus study resource material and you can blindly follow our website daily for 2 – 3 months and prepare from it.


There is no specific book for eLitmus Aptitude Syllabus. You should buy Arun Sharma books for Quants, Logical and Verbal and it is a must buy to do general eLitmus preparation.

But the book isn’t enough as no book is eLitmus Aptitude Syllabus specific. eLitmus questions are repeated which you will only find on our website and secondly you must do very test focussed preparation which we have tried our best to make possible on our website.


There are a lot to be honest. Companies like Accenture, Samsung, Maruti Suzuki, Dell, Amazon etc

eLitmus is definitely worth to give if you’re not having anyjob. But you must give proper dedication and time to be able to do so. No one can score good percentile in eLitmus with a week’s study. A month atleast should be given for preparation.

e-litmus exam experience

  • Name: Ruchir Verma
  • e-litmus score: 232.5
  • I appeared for the test on December 10th ,2017 in New Delhi.
  • Test Duration: 2hrs.

The examination’s difficulty level is medium to hard thus people usually don’t score high in this examination.

The examination was offline and had three sections:

Quantitative Aptitude: 4 questions were from Geometry and 4 from Number systems, around 5-6 questions were from permutation, combination and probability and remaining questions were from basic arithmetic topics like ratio and proportion ,profit and loss, etc. The level of questions in this section was medium. This section will be very easy for the students who have strong class 10th mathematics concepts . I attempted 12 questions in this section, my score in this section was 75.00 and my percentile was 97.49.

Problem Solving: 3 questions were from cryptarithmetics, 3 from data interpretation and 3 from from Data sufficiency 4 from logical reasoning and rest of the questions were from random topics. The cryptarithmetic ,data sufficiency and data interpretation problems were very time taking. So I chose to attempt Data interpretation and Data sufficiency ones. Logical reasoning questions were easy . I attempted 12 questions in this section. My score was 93.75 and my Percentile was 99.54.

Verbal: This is the easiest and the most scoring section of elitmus. 6 Questions were from Grammar and did not take any time to solve. Remaining questions were paragraph type and each paragraph had around 3 questions to it. So even though I had 5 minutes left to solve this section I was able to get a decent score in this section. My score was 63.75 and my percentile was 69.34

Try to score as much as possible in Verbal Section as it will boost your score. Try not to waste your time on time taking problems and impart maximum time for Problem Solving section as it is the toughest . Try to get a balanced score with good percentile in all the sections , if you have time left then dedicate it to Problem Solving as this section’s score is the criterion for a lot of companies’ shortlisting.

My final score was 232.5

eLitmus Sample test score using eLitmus Syllabus for 2018

Elitmus FAQ’s

Ques. For how many years is my eLitmus score card valid?

Ans. eLitmus score card is valid for 2 years after giving the test.

Ques. How many times can I give eLitmus exam?

Ans. You can give it any number of times, but you have to wait for 28 days to give the test again. Since, your best elitmus score will be displayed to the recruiters.

Ques. In how many days are eLitmus results declared?

Ans. After 14 days of giving the test, eLitmus will declare the results for your test.

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