Cognizant Quants Questions with Answers from Previous Papers

The Quants Paper for Cognizant is a sub part of Analytical section. There are 16 Aptitude Questions Cognizant. The Analytical part has 30 questions other 14 are logical reasoning for which you can study from our Logical Dashboard, Cognizant Previous Paper and Placement Papers with Solutions are of high difficulty. The cut off, tricks and facts for Cognizant Aptitude Papers and Cognizant Aptitude Questions can be found at the pattern section of this page below. It is suggested to prepare for atleast two weeks for getting good marks in CTS Aptitude Questions and Answers.

Check the Updated Syllabus for Cognizant here on this page for both AMCAT and MeritTrac.

Cognizant Aptitude Paper and Questions with Solutions

CTS uses MeritTrac but if you’re preparing for it via AMCAT then visit our CTS AMCAT Section here for Quants.

Also this page is for Quantitative Aptitude section preparation if you want to prepare for Logical, English and Coding then go to our Cognizant Main Dashboard here.

cts aptitude questions and answers pdf

Cognizant aptItude questions and Papers

Cognizant Questions on Number System

  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: High
  • Number of Questions: 6 Questions

(Number System is one of the most important topic with the highest number of questions coming from this one in cognizant aptitude papers. Also, they are cross functional i.e. some other topics can be mixed with these two in merittrac quantitative aptitude questions)

Cognizant Quantitative Aptitude Questions
Cognizant Aptitude Questions Work and Time Questions
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: Medium
  • Number of Questions: 5 Questions

(These questions are generally easy once enough practice has been done on them and shortcuts have been learnt properly for cognizant Quants Questions Paper in cts aptitude questions)

Cognizant Quants Questions and Papers with Answers

Cognizant Other Topic Questions

  • Difficulty Level – Medium
  • Importance – High
  • Number of Questions – 4 – 5 Questions

(Previous years Profit and Loss Questions in merittrac aptitude questions were easy but has been the most asked questions in the exam)

Cognizant Aptitude Paper and Problems cognizant aptitude questions

Cognizant Aptitude Questions Syllabus and Paper Pattern

CTS Aptitude Questions based Pattern Facts

Here you will find the CTS Aptitude Questions Syllabus and Paper Pattern for the test –

Cognizant Aptitude Questions SectionQuestionsSectional TimeMarks per Question
CTS Aptitude Questions and Answers16161
Cognizant English Questions25251
Cognizant Logical Questions14141

Most Important Topics – Profit & Loss, Numbers

Most Difficult Topics – Pipes and Cisterns

Easiest topic – Speed, time & Distance

Cognizant Aptitude Questions based FAQ’s

Ques. Which one should I study AMCAT or MeritTrac for cognizant aptitude questions for on Campus?

Ans. From what we have observed cognizant uses MeritTrac but in some campuses for Aptitude Rounds they also use AMCAT thus you must check this with your placement departement.

Ques. Are previous year questions repeated in CTS Aptitude Questions with Solutions?

Ans. Yes they are repeated and from what we have observed are repeated every year, thus studying from previous year papers must increase your percentile in the exam.

Ques. What is the level of difficulty of CTS Aptitude Questions and Answers?

Ans The Level of Difficulty is anywhere between Medium to high for CTS Aptitude Questions and Answers?

Ques. I am trusting your people for cts aptitude test papers with answers pdf paid, will questions be repeated?

Ans. Yes, from our cts aptitude test papers with answers pdf some percentage of questions will be repeated in the test.

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