Cognizant Logical Reasoning Questions with Answers from Previous Placement Papers

Cognizant Reasoning Papers and Questions from past papers with solutions. In Cognizant Logical Exam Paper there are 14 questions and the Test Papers Cognizant Logical Questions time is shared with Quants section as well which has 16 questions and total time for section is 60 mins. CTS Logical Paper by MeritTrac is slightly high difficulty than the Logical Reasoning Questions asked in CTS by AMCAT, Cognizant Logical Ability Questions with Answers and Syllabus from Previous pattern and PDF Download can be found on this page along with CTS Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers which are repeated in the exam.

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Check the Updated Syllabus for Cognizant here on this page for both AMCAT and MeritTrac.

Cognizant Logical Reasoning Solved Questions with Solutions

CTS uses MeritTrac but if you’re preparing for it via AMCAT then visit our CTS AMCAT Logical Section here.

Cognizant Reasoning Questions and Solutions

  • Difficulty Level: High
  • Importance: Medium
  • Number of Questions: 4 Questions

(This is the toughest section in the whole Cognizant paper and is conducted by MeritTrac for Cognizant Logical Questions)

Cognizant Reasoning Questions with Answers

Cognizant Logical Paper Attention to Details Questions

  • Difficulty Level: Low
  • Importance: Medium
  • Number of Questions: 7 Questions

(Cognizant Paper conducted by MeritTrac in CTS Logical Paper The odd one out sequence is generally easy and solving this incorrectly can reduce your percentile by 5-10%ile per question)

Cognizant Logical Reasoning Questions

Cognizant Logical Questions on Arrangement 

  • Difficulty Level – High
  • Importance – Medium
  • Number of Questions – 3 Questions(3×1)

(In Cognizant Reasoning Questions and Paper, there would be only one question generally divided into 3 sub questions thus if you’re not able to solve the problem moslty all three answers will be incorrect. Thus this must be solved with patience when you’re giving CTS Reasoning Questions in Cognizant Exam)

CTS Logical Reasoning Syllabus and Previous Paper Pattern Focus Dividend

CTS Reasoning Questions Facts

Most Important – Data Sufficiency

Most Difficult- Seating Arrangements

Easiest Section – Odd one Out

Cognizant Reasoning Questions Based FAQ’s

Ques. What is the Cut off for the Reasoning Paper in Cognizant in the written test paper in the exam?

Ans. The cut of for this section is around 70%ile which is calculated after you give the paper and the sample set used it of all the other applicants who have given Cognizant Paper till date.

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