Cognizant Question Papers and Previous Papers

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CTS Placement Papers with year are conducted by MeritTrac thus you must study for MeritTrac below are the Cognizant MeritTrac Questions and Placement Papers if Off Campus then AMCAT Questions at the middle section of this page.

Cognizant Question Papers

cts question papers

CTS MeritTrac Placement Papers and Previous Questions

Below are CTS MeritTrac Questions Papers, Syllabus and Paper Pattern for Cognizant MeritTrac Papers with Solutions for new cognizant written test pattern.

Cognizant Placement Paper and Previous Paper Pattern Analysis

Cognizant on Campus Paper is Conducted by MeritTrac and it is divided into 3 sections.

  • Note – If you’re appearing for Cognizant Off Campus or AMCAT is conducting Cognizant in your Campus then please Visit AMCAT Section to study AMCAT Questions for Cognizant on our website and prepare from there.
Section(via MeritTrac)No. of QuestionsTime Allotted(mins)ImportanceDifficulty
Analytical Ability(Quants)15No Sectional TimingMediumMedium
Analytical Ability(Logical)15No Sectional TimingMediumHigh
Verbal Ability25No Sectional TimingHighMedium

Cognizant Previous year Papers with Solutions

cts previous papers with answers

CTS Previous Papers with Answers

Click here to visit Quantitative Ability Paper in CTS Question Papers

CTS Previous Papers Quantitative Ability Questions

  • Max Score CTS Question Papers – 15
  • Questions – 15 Ques
  • Time – 15 mins(approx time that must be used)

Cognizant Previous Papers section Questions were of moderate difficulty but time management is very important as most students are not able to solve all questions in the given time.

Cognizant Sample papers with Solutions

CTS Placement Papers with answers pdf

Click here to visit Cognizant English Verbal Ability Paper Section

CTS Placement Papers Verbal English Ability Questions

  • Max Score – 25
  • Questions – 25 Ques
  • Time – 25 mins

Cognizant Previous Papers with Solutions are repeated heavily from this section. Will suggest to solve all Questions in our Cognizant Placement Questions and Answers for getting same questions in the exam.

cognizant placement papers with answers and cts placement papers with solutions

Cognizant Placement Papers

Click here to visit Cognizant Logical Reasoning and Ability Paper Section.

CTS Placement Papers with Solutions Logical Reasoning and Ability Questions

  • Max Score in CTS Question Papers – 15
  • Questions – 15 Ques
  • Time – 15 mins(approx that must be used)
CTS Syllabus and Placement Process

cognizant campus placement papers Coding

Click here to visit Cognizant Coding Questions Paper Section.

CTS Placement Questions – Coding (if hiring via AMCAT)

  • Max Score – 800
  • Questions – 2 Ques
  • Time – 90 mins

If you want to study HackerRank Questions for Cognizant in case they use HackerRank ther study Cognizant HackerRank Questions here.

Cognizant Off Campus AMCAT Placement Papers

Above are MeritTrac based pattern and below are CTS AMCAT Previous Year Questions, Paper Pattern and Syllabus for Cognizant AMCAT off Campus drive with the latest test pattern.

Cognizant Placement Quesions and Test Pattern Amcat

Cognizant off Campus Drive is Conducted by AMCAT and is divided into 4 sections.

Note:- Please visit MeritTrack Section if you are appearing for Cognizant on Campus Paper.

Cognizant Quants Previous year questions with solution

  • Max Score – 800
  • Questions – 16 Ques
  • Time – 18 mins
Cognizant Amcat Questions with Answers

Click here to Visit Cognizant AMCAT Quantitative Dashboard

Click here to Visit Cognizant AMCAT Verbal Dashboard


  • Max Score – 800
  • Questions – 14 Ques
  • Time – 16 mins

Click here to Visit Cognizant AMCAT Logical Reasoning Dashboard

cognizant amcat computer programming previous year questions

This section is not asked in CTS Currently.

  • Max Score – 800
  • Questions – 25 Ques
  • Time – 35 mins
Cognizant AMCAT Syllabus and Pattern

Click here to Visit Cognizant AMCAT Computer Programming  Dashboard

Cognizant Previous Papers Cut Off from previous year Cognizant Questions and trends

Cognizant Aptitude Questions SectionQuestionsSectional TimeMarks per Question
CTS Aptitude Questions and Answers16161
Cognizant English Questions25251
Cognizant Logical Questions14141

This is for the current year’s cognizant written test pattern, since they had shifted from their own platform to MeritTrac thus advisable for CTS Previous year Question Paper if applying via on campus, if Off campus then AMCAT.

CTS Placement Papers Section<50<60<70<80<90
Quants(16 Ques)5781113
English(25 Ques)1014161921
Logical(14 Ques)49101112

CTS Placement Papers 2018 and Questions FAQ’s

Q. What was the difficulty for Cognizant Previous Paper in 2018 and what was cognizant written test pattern?

Ans: It is conducted by MeritTrac and the difficulty level is said to be moderate with cognizant campus placement papers with answers pdf Quants section being the toughest one in cognizant placement papers.

Cognizant written test pattern was divided into three section in CTS Previous year Question Paper

  • Quants – 14 Ques
  • English – 25 Ques
  • Logical – 16 Ques
  • Coding Round – 2 Questions

Q. Which company Conducts Cognizant paper while cognizant campus placement papers?

Ans: MeritTrac has been conducting MeritTrac Cognizant paper from the past 2 years the questions on which you can find on our cts previous papers with answers.

Q. Where Can I find Cognizant online Test Questions with Answers?

Ans. You can find Cognizant online Test Questions on our website PrepInsta by studying from the best resource for eLitmus Preparation.

Cognizant Test Papers Detailed FAQ’s

Q. What is the average Cut off for CTS placement papers while they conduct the on campus written test?

Ans. For cognizant campus placement papers cut off for each section would be 65%ile for cognizant test papers. You must score more than 65%ile in each section for the paper to proceed to the next round. The percentile calculation is not college based but national percentile from previous held exams for Cognizant written test papers and cts placement papers.

CTS Previous Papers Success Stories

Name – Sweta Rani

College – Kalinga Institute of Technology

MeritTrac Percentile – 97.2%ile

Most of the students in my college were unware that MeritTrac will be conducting Cognizant Placement Papers. Because of PrepInsta I knew and i was able to prepare better in the exam coz I had already studied from MeritTrac CTS Previous Papers. 

The paper was tough and I got selected in the next round clearing CTS Written Exam Paper.

I will recommend people to study from PrepInsta’s CTS Previous Papers with Answers for cognizant test papers since you will definitely get some good percentage of questions repeated in the exam cognizant placement papers.

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