Cocubes Programming Questions with Answers

Find all the latest Cocubes Coding Questions and Cocubes Programming Questions. With these programs you will get a lot of coding languages on how to solve different Cocubes Java Questions with Answers, Cocubes Programming Questions in Java.

You can use the following Languages – 

  1. C
  2. C++
  3. Java

CoCubes Coding Questions

Cocubes Java Questions

Other programs asked were – 

  1. Sum of Odd Factors
  2. Perfect Squares
  3. Number of possible Triangles in the given range
  4. Pattern Printing(print in form of X, Squares, Right angle Triangle)

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Reverse a sentence, reverse a string, prime number, print patterns, etc. were the coding questions asked in this round.

Other questions – 

1) To print how many number in between x and y having odd factors.
2) Sum of any two numbers in an array equal to k.
3) Find the no of triangles can be formed in the given array.