Capgemini Quantitative Aptitude Questions with Answers

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Capgemini Aptitude Questions with Solutions

Capgemini Aptitude Questions with Answers 2017

This Page is just for Capgemini Aptitude Questions if you want to study other sections like English, Essay Writing and Logical etc visit our Capgemini Main Dashboard here.

Capgemini Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF

Capgemini Quantitative Questions with Solutions

  • Profit & Loss
  • Ratio’s
  • Averages
  • Number of Questions:
    • Profit & Loss – 2 Questions
    • Ratio’s – 2-3 Questions
    • Averages – 2-3 Questions
  • Difficulty Level: Med-High
  • Importance: Medium
  • Suggested time to solve: 1 min each

(Questions from these sections are repeated in the paper, thus we will suggest before giving the exam you must solve all these questions for Aptitude in Capgemini)

Capgemini Quantitative Aptitude Paper

Capgemini Aptitude Paper with Solutions

  • Geometry
  • Data Interpretation
  • Speed & Distance
  • Number of Questions:
    • Geometry – 1 Question
    • Data Interpretation – 3 Questions
    • Speed & Distance – 2 Questions
  • Difficulty Level: Med – High
  • Importance: Medium
  • Suggested time to solve: 1 min each
Capgemini Quants Paper and Syllabus with Paper Pattern

Aptitude Questions for Capgemini

  • Algebra
  • Equations
  • Progression
  • Number of Questions:
    • Algebra – 2 – 3 Questions
    • Equations – 1 Question
    • Progression- 1 Question
  • Difficulty Level: Med – High
  • Importance: Medium
  • Suggested time to solve: 1 min each

(This section is a little tough than the other sections in aptitude questions for capgemini)


Capgemini Paper Pattern, Cut Off and Capgemini Aptitude Paper

Quants Sectional Cut-Off – 75 percentile +

Number of Ques for 75%+ percentile – 11-13 Questions

Capgemini Quantitative Questions Syllabus and Pattern

Here you will see the pattern on section wise Capgemini Quantitative Questions Syllabus and how it is distributed over different Patterns.

Capgemini Aptitude Questions Subject Wise Syllabus

Capgemini Aptitude TopicNo. of QuestionsDifficulty LevelImportanceSuggested Average Time Per Question
Capgemini Questions on Profit & Loss2 Ques1 Easy + 1 HardHigh1 min
Capgemini Questions on Ratios2 Ques2 MedHigh1 min
Averages2-3 Ques1/2 Med + 1 HardMedium1 min
Geometry0-1 QuesMediumMedium45 sec
Data Interpretation2 Ques3 MediumHigh1 min
Speed & Distance1-2 QuesMediumLow45 sec
Algebra2 Ques1 Med + 1 HardHigh1 min
Equations1 QuesMediumMedium1 min
Progressions1 QuesMediumMedium1 min

Capgemini Quantitative Aptitude Paper Based FAQ’s

Ques. Are Capgemini Aptitude Questions repeated in the paper?

Ans. Yes some percentage of the Capgemini Aptitude Questions are repeated in the paper.

Ques. What is the level of difficulty for capgemini Quantitative aptitude questions with answers?

Ans. Capgemini aptitude papers with answers are of medium difficulty but they are lengthy and most people were unable to solve all questions in a given time in Capgemini Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF.

Ques. How much time is needed to prepare for Capgemini Quantitative Questions?

Ans. When you are preparing for Aptitude Questions for Capgemini. Only for this section you may need 4 days to prepare but there are other sections as well in the exam for which I suggest having atleast 1 week to prepare for Capgemini Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF

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