AMCAT Coding Questions

AMCAT Automata Program is the most important section in AMCAT Programming Questions with Solutions topic, AMCAT Java Programming Questions, AMCAT Automata Questions PDF for AMCAT Programming Test, AMCAT Java Questions and C++ Questions with C Questions for Practice.

Note – These are not actual questions but practice questions for AMCAT

AMCAT Automata Section for AMCAT Programming Questions are of varying difficulty for some companies like wipro and cognizant, it will be relatively easier than for Amazon. Though AMCAT automata question the pattern has been constant since the last few years, but the questions are a little tricky to solve. Below we have provided few AMCAT coding questions for the new Pattern of the exam.

  • Number of Questions – 2 Questions
  • Difficulty Level – 1 Easy + 1 Medium
  • Cut-off – Solve 1 question completely or 2 partial outputs

Model Questions AMCAT Automata – Coding/Programming

Practice Questions for AMCAT Pattern Programs(asked in Easy Sections)

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AMCAT Automata Programming Questions Pattern

AMCAT automata section, is an additional topic that many companies ask for while giving aspiring minds test. Companies like Wipro, CTS etc use use this section as the last section of their written test paper.

AMCAT Automata Programs and Questions with Solutions

AMCAT Automata QuestionsMarksCut offAsked in Companies
Easy Question40Full outputCTS, Wipro, Mindtree
Medium Level60Full Output or partial in Easy and mediumCTS, Wipro, Mindtree, Amazon, Jp Morgan
Difficult100Partial and Full in easy/MediumAmazon, Jp Morgan, Snapdeal
TotalVariableAtleast 1 full output or 2 partial outputVariable

In AMCAT programming paper that are asked one is very easy level and one is moderate difficulty Level.

Here are list of programming languages that you can use

  • AMCAT Programming and Automata Questions Java
  • AMCAT Programming and Automata Questions C
  • AMCAT Programming and Automata Questions C++

AMCAT Coding Questions with Answers based FAQ’s

Ques. What is the level of difficulty for amcat coding questions?

Ans. You will be getting 2 questions one easy and one tough for AMCAT Programming Section in Automata.

Ques. Are there marks for getting Partial Output?

Ans. Yes, even if you dont know the solutions please make the functions accepting parameters and fetch input from the users, you will get some marks for this, don’t leave it blank.

The above are only practice questions for AMCAT exam, nothing more.