Accenture Quants Questions with Solutions

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Accenture Aptitude Test Papers Free Materials AMCAT

Accenture Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF
Accenture Quants Questions and Answers

Accenture Quants Questions and Study Materials

Accenture Aptitude Syllabus and Paper Pattern

Here is the Syllabus for Accenture Quantitative Aptitude Sections in the written test paper held online –

Accenture Aptitude Questions and Answers SectionAccenture Aptitude Test Papers Questions DifficultyImportanceCorrect Question by 90th %ile Suggested Avg time per Question
– Divisibility
– Numbers, decimal fractions and power
2 or 3 Ques
2 or 3 Ques
1 or 2 Ques
MediumMedium555 sec
Applied Mathematics
-Profit and Loss
– Simple and Compound Interest
– Time, Speed and Distance
– Inverse
Total – 10 Question
2 or 3 Ques
2 or 3 Ques
2 Ques
1 Ques
MediumHigh7 or 81 min
Engineering Mathematics
– Permutation and –
– Combinations
– Probability
– Misc
Total – 8 Question
2 Ques
2 Ques
2 Ques
1 Ques
MediumMedium655 sec

Accenture Quants Questions and Paper FAQ’s

Ques. Where Can I find Previous year Accenture Aptitude Papers and Questions along with Study Material for Preparation?

Ans. We have made a complete set of materials for Accenture Quantitative Aptitude Placement Questions and Materials Please visit our Accenture Dashboard for this and study for accenture quantitative aptitude questions.

Ques. Accenture Aptitude Questions are they repeated in the Accenture Test Papers with Solutions?

Ans. Yes, as observed in the previous year papers a good percentage of Question are highly repeated in the Accenture Exam. Thus studying from Accenture Sample Papers for First round is not suggested directly practice from past year paper with answers on PrepInsta

Ques. How much time is required for preparation of Accenture Aptitude Test Papers?

Ans. We guess around 4 – 5 days must be enough for you to prepare for Accenture Aptitude Test Papers.

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